Election Season

It’s about that time. 

Some people look forward to Christmas or Halloween.  Or like, the Olympics. 

Me, I look forward to Election Day.  No, it has nothing to do with how I think Trump is an idiot, either.  I mean I do and I’m quite liberal, but I don’t care about your party during Election season, much like I don’t care about your religion during Winter-Holiday-Time.  We’re all celebrating something, right?  Be it four more years or revolution. 

Now, as I am blue, I will likely be better informed as to the goings-on of the Dems, though I do try to keep an open eye.  I watch both conventions.  I listen to what everyone has to say. Then I draw my conclusions. 

I am coming into this season with a different sort of feel.  It’s not like the past, where I was yearning for an expression of democracy.  This year I am desperate for it.  I think all of us who don’t support 45 are.  And I think that those who do are desperate as well, to cling to some small thing he has done that has benefitted them.  I mean, he has helped some people.

Just no one I know.

But that’s beside the point.

Anyway, because of all the dissent and anger surrounding the White House these days, I think this will be a very hot election season.  I back Biden of course, not because I particularly want to but because I don’t have a say in the matter.  I wanted Liz.  But I was bolstered by his pick of Kamala Harris as VP.  This is the event that officially kicks it all off for me.

Anyway, the DNC is in a few days and I will pop some popcorn and watch it and cheer.  Then I will watch the RNC, and throw some popcorn at the TV, probably. 

Then, debates!  Oh, I love the debates-I mean I don’t even think Trump will deign to do it, because he will be deeply schooled.  But a VP debate between Harris and Pence?  I am here for that.

Followed by the main event, Election Night.  I intend to vote early this year, so I won’t be braving the polls on the actual day, but I will be having my little get-together with my family where we drink and eat and watch the news.  It’s like my birthday, but in November, and without cake.

Maybe this year I will get a cake.

Last time we went home dejected and in disbelief.  I raged about the electoral college all night, as I am occasionally wont to do.  Hubs tried to assure me it would not be as bad as I thought it would be.  “But…but…GRAB ‘EM BY THE P*SSY!” I screamed in his face.

The party did not end well.

This year, I am hoping justice and common sense prevail, and we get the other old white guy.  Again, very liberal and totally over old white guys in politics, but I will take the team that I have been given over a million Donald Fucking Trump’s. Because that’s what I’m voting for…not just Biden, but the team.  Harris, of course, and whomever else they choose to help them fix the country.  I have faith in their capabilities to make those decisions.  I have never had faith in 45’s. 

So, it’s possible I will get political in future blog posts, and I want you to know that this is simply my fervor for the electoral process.  Off years are ok, for local elections…midterms are fun, and so are primaries…but I love the general election.  LOVE IT.  So excuse me while I geek out over polling statistics.  This is my Christmas.

This is my Olympics.


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