Hey, folks. As of September 2020, I will no longer be updating this page with links to my work. All the up-to-date stuff can now be found HERE.

But I will leave you this side of potatoes, because if I didn’t start writing it here, I would not have started writing it at all…

So naturally what you find here in my blog is the ham and eggs, but I personally like some hash browns on the side. So here’s some other places you can find me around the web, now and in the future.

Halloween; a poem at Ghost City Press August 2018 Review

Flowerbox; a poem at Street Light Press Issue 19, November 2018

Dogs Eye View; a short story at Soft Cartel, November 2018

Featured writer at Madwomen in the Attic; December 2018

Jitterbug; a poem at Right Hand Pointing, January 2019

Peaches; a poem at Constellate Magazine, January 2019

Dervish and Sticky; two poems at Night Music Journal, May 2019

This Isn’t English Class; a poem at Rabid Oak, September 2019

Broken Watches, Inbetween, and 4th of July; three poems at Queen Mob’s Tea House, December 2019

Garbage; a flash fiction piece at Edify Fiction, December 2019

Unfathomable; a poem at San Antonio Review, December 2019

Dead Nerves; a poem at Call Me [Brackets] (U of AL,) January 2020

Battling Anxiety, Coping with Anxiety, and Trich-O-Till-O-What?; three articles at Mental Health Crisis Angels, March 2020

Monster; a poem at Pink Plastic House: A Tiny Journal, April 2020\

5 (!!) poems at In Parentheses, June 2020

Crosshairs and Cemetery, two poems at Anti-Heroin Chic, August 2020

I also occasionally contribute at HitRecord.org.  You can find that stuff here.