Pockets and Purses

If you’re a woman, you probably know that they don’t make pockets.

I’ve had to explain this to men on numerous occasions.

Our pockets are often only for decoration, if they exist at all.  Try throwing your wallet or phone in one of those things, like our male counterparts do, and watch it stick halfway out of your likely too tight jeans.  Because not only do they not make pockets, they make our clothes fit snugly as well.  But this is about pockets, and why we don’t have them.  Why, you ask?  To sell purses, of course.

This topic came up yesterday as I was at a friend’s house.  One friend, Carey, does not use a purse, and only takes with her a phone and house key.  Another friend, Ralene, does use a purse, as do I.  Hers is a hefty one, and I will admit that I am a member of the big purse club usually, though these days I’m carrying a smaller crossbody which is good for things like summer activities, so my hands and arms are free.  But come winter I will probably be back to one that could carry a small dog.

Anyway, Carey posed the question: what do you even carry in there?  Ralene and I then went item for item though our purses…matching everything.  Wallet?  Wallet. Brush?  Brush.  Perfume?  Perfume.  Meds?  Meds. Etc.  Yes, some of these things are not quite “necessary,” but I believe in being prepared.  If it were my big purse, it would probably contain various chargers, a book, and some duct tape, too.

Discussion moved on to Ray’s kids.  Her girls, both teenagers, were split.  One said she needs a purse, the other finds it unnecessary.  So, I took it to Twitter.  I meant to only do a 12-hour poll, but accidentally put in a 24 hour…so we will just work with the data I have right now. 

Over 70% of women polled use a purse.  There was also some input as to what strange things one might find in there…kid’s toys, chicken nuggets, tennis balls, wooden nickels, even a tactical spork.  The weirdest things I’ve ever carried are probably glow tape and a blowtorch, just to give you an idea of how versatile a purse can be. 

Carey is not a “girly-girl.”  I don’t particularly consider myself to be one either, as I only wear makeup on occasion and put little effort into my hair and such and am much more comfy in jeans and a t-shirt than a dress.  However, I need my purse. 

Because of the pocket thing.

So, here we have a billion dollar bag industry, and a billion dollar clothing industry, working together to make sure we overspend to carry our stuff around.  Meanwhile, dudes get big ol’ pockets and teased for carrying anything that isn’t an obvious bookbag.  Hubs ALWAYS has his bookbag, despite big pockets, because sometimes you just need somewhere to store something.  He has said more than once that the purse industry is stupid for not catering to men. I don’t disagree…obviously y’all are out there trying to take our money, so why just women and not men, too?

Likely because of the old stereotype about women and shopping.  I mean, one “assumes” men work and pay bills and such and don’t “care” about their appearance or accessories or anything.  So, one “assumes” women to be the opposite, always spending money frivolously and putting too much effort into their appearance.  Of course, it’s men that made us like that, that brought forth those stereotypes, but whatever.  The point is we have no options.  We have no pockets.

I could go on for days about how the women’s clothing industry exists to make us feel bad about ourselves so that we spend more money, but most women already know this.  Will I stop buying purses?  Heck no.  I love them…it’s my one really girly concession.  I like them as artistic pieces though, as well as carrying devices.  As a former Girl Scout, I was always taught to be prepared, and my purse helps in that.  However, I do occasionally wish I could walk out the door with just a phone and a key, like Carey.  How freeing that might be…or how terrifying.  I don’t know.  I haven’t done it since I was eleven. 

Because pockets.


One thought on “Pockets and Purses

  1. kevin

    Very interesting blog, my 2 cents comes from my grandpa who told me the reason men had pockets and not carry a purse is the men did the killing for dinner and a purse just gets in the way. Just a different time i guess.

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