Spring Sweep

I didn’t write last week. I was sick, with what was either a major gastro flare-up, or the Norovirus. Either way, I spent most of my time on a hospital gurney or on my sofa. I didn’t update the blog, I didn’t do anything for Patreon, and at one point I had an idea for a poem that I couldn’t even hold on to long enough to write down. So, I made last week my spring break, even though it was a miserable time.

Now, I am on spring break from work until the 11th, which is nice but also makes my days seem longer. I wish I could say I was getting some sort of project done during this time, but I’m not. Mostly, my big plans involve a little bit of cleaning and spending time with Mark. It is finally springtime, and the weather is starting to reflect that with warmer temperatures and lots of rain. Sadly, today is supposed to be our warmest one yet, but it will be thunderstorming all day. It’s a shame, because I could really go for a fishing trip or a hike, but I will have to wait for rainy season to pass. Instead, I will spring clean my house. Then, I will use the smudging stick that my sister gave me to cleanse the energy in my abode. I will open up the windows and let the fresh air in and the bad air out.

I might venture forth if the rain isn’t too bad to go see Kevin, but I’m pretty much just looking forward to a day inside the house. And I’m looking forward to cleaning, because the spring clean is the one I really like. Although, there isn’t as much to do as usual since we have only been here since October. It has been a very fast 6 months here, but it has been a good 6 months. I really like the home I have made, and the only thing that kind of makes me sad about it is that Mom didn’t see it first. I think she would really like this place, too, and I think about her when I do my spring cleaning- the woman was a cleaning machine. In fact, it was very hard for me when we moved in here and she couldn’t come and clean the place first. That was always her job. I did it instead, and now I will deep clean it again this we use all the tricks that she taught me against my will.

See, none of this ever interested me. Mom hated that. However, she knew that I would always take care of things on my own schedule. Some of the things she taught me, like how to set a table or make a bed, have almost literally never come in handy as an adult. I don’t have a dining room table. I don’t have a dining room! And I never make my bed, something that was a point of contention between us until the day she died. Why, why would I straighten something that only gets disheveled every single night and no one ever sees?? Needless, mindless, busy work for the 50s housewife, in my mind. Once, I even read an article saying that it was healthier to not make your bed because it did not trap bacterias under the blankets and give them room to grow. I don’t know how true that is, but I like to believe it.  Anyway, this is what my day is shaping up to look like: cleaning. Chores. Nothing fun under the sun, because there is no sun, only rain and thunder and lightning.

If my anxiety is cooperative, and I don’t mind driving in the rain later, I might go to poetry at the coffee house tonight. It was fun two weeks ago, and I think I would like to go again- maybe my anxiety will even let me socialize a little! I mean, come on, let’s not get crazy, but a girl can dream, huh?  Happy Wednesday.


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