Christmas Vacation

I have a snow day from both jobs, so I have decided to throw the towel in early and declare Christmas vacation right now. School is closed until after the new year, and I I’m not back at Avis until Monday, and there is something called a “bomb cyclone” in our meteorological area this holiday weekend. Which means Christmas at my Grandma’s might not happen as planned, which would of course suck terribly. What would be worse is not being able to be with my father on Christmas Eve, but our plan is to make our way over at some point tomorrow and spend the night so we are together Christmas morning. And then I’m going to make a bunch of food, and we’re going to open presents, and I’m probably going to drink most of the bottle of RumChata I bought at the liquor store yesterday. Hopefully, the weather doesn’t ruin all of my plans. Right now, all I want to do is say stay safe indoors while this crazy snowpocalypse does it’s thing. So I wish you, my dear readers, a safe and happy holiday. I am off to enjoy my snow filled few days of peace. I hope you enjoy yours as well.

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