Pep Talk

As you may know, I work in an elementary school as an after-school teacher. I spend a couple of hours each day helping K-1 students with thier homework, followed by K-8 recreation time in the library, where I exert my powers over the game closet.
You may also know I work at a car rental shop as well. These are vastly different jobs, in every way, including the paychecks. So when boss-Mark at Avis asked if I wanted some afternoon hours, my budget forced me to consider.The drawback to the school job is that it is a lot of gas money. It’s all the way across the city. Avis is ten minutes from my house. So given less driving and more money, it seems obvious that I should take more hours at Avis.  Then, something happened…and a sign was bestowed unto me.
Someone I love had a meltdown, the kind you get from clinical depression; the kind I have lived through a few times now.  I helped this person all week, while considering a job scheduling change. I was still leaning towards Avis hours when I found a meme on Facebook, with a phone number. I called it, my person next to me trying to hold themselves together, and my heart was suddenly filled with love.
If you call this number, you reach a group of children at a school somewhere in the US who are doing a school project/social experiment. They have record tons of inspirational messages and pep talks. We sat there and listened to them all, and I found my friend crying at the end, telling me how much they needed that.
The next day, they got up off the mat.  They ate, and hydrated, and slept real sleep. I don’t think it was only those kiddos somewhere out there, but I know they helped.

And so, I thought of my kiddos at the school, and suddenly a little extra money and a little less drive time seemed silly when compared to the faces I meet when I walk into that cafeteria each day.  Oh to be five, when all your worst fears and disappointments could be evaporated by a hug from your teacher! 
And I get hugs, all day every day. I have been told I am a favorite by a few students, and the competition to play games with me during recreation is fierce. I don’t think I could even give up one day of that job for the other, because even though I love working at Avis with the grownups, there is still a small part of me forever devote to childcare and education.
Anyhoo, here’s the number: 1-707-873-7862.
Seriously, you need to call it. That feeling you get? I get that everyday.

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