Well, today I am not writing at the computer because I can’t read the screen. However, I am sitting here looking at my phone through half an eyeball and dictating to you. Editing will be ridiculous of course, because talk to text barely picks up what I’m saying. However, it will still be easier than sitting at my computer with a bright screen blaring at my retina. My left eye, my bad eye, is working double-time right now because the only way I can read the phone is through its crap vision. My right eye is completely blurry without my glasses on, however…I popped the lens out of the right side of my glasses and discovered I could finally see distance. I haven’t seen distance since I was nine years old. So now I am excited for next Monday, when they will do the same thing to the left eye, and who knows what the result will be? Hopefully I will not have to wear glasses for distance anymore, which will be very strange if I’m honest, because I’ve been wearing them for so long. I will need reading glasses, but that also means I will be able to READ. So really it’s a trade-off I can live with. Anyway, they gave me some Valium at the doctor so I think I’m going to have to go and sleep that off now. Just wanted to give a quick update and wish you as always, a happy Monday.


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