Trapped Words

I hate typing on my phone, as you know, but here we are, because yesterday my husband murdered my computer. It was a mere ten minutes before an important meeting, and my USB cable came detached. So in an effort to help me while I panicked, Mark try to plug the USB back in. This pushed a panel out of place, and now I can’t plug it in at all. He swears he did not actually do this, and it certainly wasn’t deliberate, but still, I now have a broken computer.

I suppose it comes at a fine time, because I really didn’t have a blog topic for today. What I did want to do, however, was work on the next couple of chapters of my WIP. Alas, she is trapped.

So instead I will pray for the fast recovery of my dear computer, and I will hope that I have everything in order that I need in order by the end of the weekend. My father is the king of computers, so I am hoping he will be able to fix it up quick.

Happy Thursday. I guess.

If you know this scene, you know my frustration.

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