Happy 100.

Hi, guys.  It’s Saturday, and here I am, which is a rarity, but I could not let today go unnoticed.

When I was a small person, my grandma Lois lived with us.  Every morning, we would watch the Today show together as I ate my cereal and she drank her Sanka.  Our favorite part of the show was when Willard Scott announced the people who had turned 100 years old that day.  He put their face on a jelly jar.  Each day we waited patiently through the weather for Willard to tell us about the new centennials, compliments of the Smucker’s corporation.  Grammy made me promise that Willard Scott would announce her birthday when she turned 100, and I dutifully accepted this assignment.

Welp, Gram didn’t make it to 70.  And, in a twist of events, Willard Scott didn’t make it to her birthday, having passed earlier this year.  However, had they both lived, you would have tuned in to the Today show this morning and found Willard Scott introducing my Grammy on a jelly jar. 

So here I am, doing it for them.  Happy birthday Gram!


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