This may have started out as something, but it ended up as nothing.

My schedule has changed again, hopefully for the last time for a while, and I am finding myself here at 630am with nothing to do.  I mean, not nothing; I have a blog to write, I have laundry to fold, and grocery shopping to achieve.  Alas, I have no people.  Mark is at work, and all my other people are asleep.

My morning usually starts with coffee at my mother’s house.  But she’s not up yet.  And then by 9ish I’m usually on the phone with Kevin or texting Sahar.  But no…they slumber.


830am.  Mother called as I wrote that last line, so I went over to her house for coffee.  I came home and watched a little bit of the news, and thought about what I would do for the rest of the day. Not much is on the agenda besides some house work and shopping and I’d really like to work on my mini-chap a little…I wanted to go hiking but now it has started to rain and I am feeling forlorn.  But it’s later in the day now, and Kevin is awake so I can call him, and my sister may come by later.

Listen, I made my deadlines this week, for the first time in a while due to my crazy health issues.  So, I think that warrants a small post for today.

Happy Thursday.


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