Go-Go Gadget

Recently, my parents retired.  As a reward for a life well-worked, my dad bought himself a new computer.  This means that I inherited his old one, which is a vast improvement over the one I’ve been working with for the past couple of years.  It is also massive in comparison, so I will likely have to completely remodel the office to find a place for it.  In the meantime, it is hanging out on the little table next to the desk that holds the modem.  It is…not fitting in well.

It’s really very large.

I also got a new phone, so if you have tried to reach me in the past few months and I have ignored you, please don’t take it personally and do try again, because I’m here now.  And I am…so bored.  I just miss people, in general, y’know?  Of course, you know.  Who isn’t missing human interactions right now?  I actually closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to go out to eat with friends the other night.

I try to focus on writing.  Sadly, with my new phone came the tragedy of all my blog topics that I kept in my notes vanishing into the air.  “Saved to the cloud,” they said.  LIARS.

So, while last week I was prepped and ready to write, this week I am not.  Today I am simply still getting used to new gadgets, particularly this computer.  I have a few topics written down so I will work on those for future posts.


Please forgive my lazy-self right now.  It’s not that I don’t want to write or don’t have topics.   I definitely do on both accounts, but today is very gray and the idea of spending an hour or so researching and then another hour writing just seems so tedious.  I would much rather do…I don’t know.  I am desperate for the sun, which is not looking to make an appearance today.

So, instead of this reality-based post, I will try diving into fantasy instead.  I will reread my WIP so far, and work on my next chapter today.  I will play pretend on my new computer, and hope my new phone brings me a text from a friend that I’ve missed.  This is the best way I know to combat the feeling of “ughhhh” that I am currently suffering from.

Happy Monday.  I guess.


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