Looking for Silver

More hospital nonsense. Culminating in the complete ruining of my dad’s big weekend. See, not only did he turn 70, he also retired.  And there I was, calling twice daily for rides to the ER.

In other complaints, I am typing sans brace for the first time and I do not like it.  Every time my pinky hits the enter key or the shift key, it hurts. 

Also, I have to call like four doctors and the insurance company today.  Ugh.

Ok.  That’s enough complaining.  ‘That’s enough gripes.  Time to find some silver linings: I am well today. I don’t need my brace anymore.  I may be able to find some relief and peace via phone calls.

It took me a long time to get into looking for silver linings, but I do it regularly now, mainly to keep myself sane.  It works for me.  There’s a movie that’s kind of about it called The Silver Lining’s

Playbook and I saw it once and it was ok but didn’t really resonate too much, except for the bit about silver linings of course.

I only bring this up as a little filler.  No real blog, as my finger is already tired and my phone calls need to be made.  It’s been such a crap week in a crap month during a crap year…gotta keep looking for those little rays of joy.


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