Happy Turkey Day

How lovely when a blog day falls on a holiday.  It’s like the free square in Bingo-easy topic.

What do you have to be thankful for this year?

Did you groan just then?  Are you having trouble feeling grateful?  You’re not alone.  A lot of us are angry or sad or upset…I think we’re all, at the very least, annoyed.  And yet, I am looking for the silver linings.

I have a major thing to be grateful for this year, and that is my chapbook that finally saw the light of day back in May.  I am also grateful for the health of my loved ones, as I’m sure we all are in this perilous time.   But really though…I lost my grandfather this year, and that was hard on my family.  And we have already cancelled Christmas for health reasons, which I assume is killing my grandma.  However, I have my grandma, still kicking at 89 years old.  And I have my father, a cancer survivor.  And my mother, a woman who was diagnosed with diabetes in 1963 and was essentially told she would not live as long as she has.  And my sister, still young and healthy, thank God. 

That is the most important thing.  I give no real regard to my own health, which is not so good.  I am thankful that today I woke up and did not vomit and have every intention of having Thanksgiving dinner with my bubble.  I even made a pecan pie.

And then there is my writing.  I am so so so thankful for the trajectory my writing is on right now.  First, the chapbook…then, acceptance of my mini-chap…then, the gig at Ember Chasm.  Now, the first two chapters to something really special.  I am riding high on words right now. 

And, finally, my husband. 

Today on my Timehop, a photo came up that I took ten years ago today.  It is of Mark, wearing a brown and white striped shirt and sitting in the dining room of my parent’s old house.  He is looking at me from the side, his head rested on his fist, and he smiling.  It is the first picture I took of him after we started dating again.  It is the only picture I had of him when he left that night, for a three-month detour in central New York that yielded no positive results.  He came home again in March, but that’s another story.

That night, we slept in the back of my truck.  He was already out of his apartment and needed to be at the train station at 4am.  While other people were out getting doorbuster savings, I was driving home from the station and crying.

That was a bad Thanksgiving.  But now…

Now, I get to see him every day. That’s certainly something to be thankful for.

And so, I am off to prepare to eat some turkey, because today is Turkey Day.  I like that bit and the gratefulness bit, but really…everything historical about this holiday is trash.  I mean, it’s no Columbus Day, but still…

Anyhoo, be happy…be grateful…be safe.


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