Parking Lots

Today, I sit in a parking lot. Today, I hope that the scrambled eggs I just ate stay down. Today, I use talk to text and type with my thumbs.

My finger doesn’t hurt so bad. Which is a nice change of pace. However, I am sitting in thie parking lot of Sister’s Hospital because I am waiting to get a test done for my stomach. I have had this test before. What you do is you eat scrambled eggs that are radioactive. And then, they take pictures of my stomach every hour on the hour for 4 hours. This shows them how the scrambled eggs travel through my system.

Again, I have done this twice, and I don’t really see why have to do it a 3rd time, but insurance, man…insurance. Just jumping the hoops.

So I’m sitting in my car, because I don’t wanna wear a mask for the next 4 hours, and because the chairs they have in there are particularly uncomfortable. But mostly just because I’m trying to get this test done so I can get a surgery done so I can stop being sick.

This update of course, means very little because I don’t have a lot to say right now and I can’t type at all. Oh well, maybe Thursday.


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