Broken Finger

Hello. This is me, talking into my phone. Already there are 2 mistakes I will have to edit. This is why talk to text does not work for a writer.

I have broken my right pinky fingertip. I have a splint on for the next 3 weeks, so this makes writing, specifically typing, nearly impossible. This is of course absolutely devastating to me.

Yesterday, when I was at the doctor, he asked me if I needed a note for work. I laughed. I wish it were that simple.

So I do not know when I will blog again. I do not know when my pinky will be healed enough to hit the enter key. I do know that the book is on hold, which both disappoints me, but also gives me more time to prep. I also know that I will hit the ground running as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I am working on promoting my chapbook. So if you enjoy poetry about healthcare in America, please visit

OK. Now I have to go back and edit this mess that talk to text thinks I said. Happy Thursday.


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