It’s literally unbelievable that I have to say this.


Once upon a time in a place that shall remain nameless, with people whose initials I will use, I saw a grown man throw a temper tantrum.  See, G wrote something that needed to be edited.  R, the man in charge, told him as such…I backed him up.  Unwilling to accept criticism from the “big boss,” G took his anger out on me, screaming and crying and literally stomping feet and banging fists, about how I didn’t appreciate his vision.  I looked at R, and he appeared to be as dumbstruck by this as I was.  I have never forgotten this moment, as it solidified the biggest of all my pet peeves: grown men who throw temper tantrums. 

Now, because of this, I only managed ten tortuous minutes of the debate. 

I awoke the next morning to a Twitter feed all ablaze about white supremacy.  Now, listen.  Ignoring literally everything else that has apparently not mattered to the average “conservative,” like the fact he’s a lying, tax evading, con-artist who pays off porn stars and has been accused of rape on more than one occasion, you have to admit, at the very least, that you don’t want to be a Nazi.

You know what they called the folks who idly sat by while Hitler rose to power?  Or the ones who took a “new boss, same as the old boss,” approach?  Or the people who turned and looked the other way while others lost their God-given rights?

Nazis.  They called them Nazis.

You don’t want to be a Nazi. Nazis are bad.

You don’t want your great-grandkids to look upon your name in disgust because you let a tyrant rise to power.  And yes, he is a tyrant.  Maybe not to you, but to me, and a lot of other people he has harmed or is trying to harm.  I will remind you that this is the man who wants to strip me of my health care, which will quite literally kill me, so when you say your down with the GOP what I hear is “Hey friend…my tax break is worth more to me than your life.”

But I digress…

I don’t get political often because I have friends on both sides of the aisle…this is why I use “conservatives” instead of Republicans, because I know some damn fine Republicans.  I also do not hide my own political beliefs, which are as blue as the sky.  But I don’t tolerate Nazis.  So, when the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA refuses to condemn them, that’s just the end of the road.  If you think that is ok, you’re one of them, too.  That’s all there is to it.

Usually I love debate night.  I could not stomach this though.  It reminded me of the time I saw a fist fight break out in a senate in Africa on the news and thought “WOW, that shit is crazy,” and now if that happened here I’d be like “Yep, sounds like a Thursday.”

Anyway.  I need the VP debate, badly.  I need to wash that crapstorm out of my hair, and hear some nice, moderated discourse between a strong biracial woman and a white-haired android who fears such things.  I need to actually hear some platforms, some ideas, some flippin’ hope!

Ugh, the next month, man.  It’s going to be rough.



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Election Day


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