I mentioned in my last blog that I would tell you about our trip to the Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park today.  If you were expecting some lighthearted camping shenanigans, you are in the wrong place.

See, an author, at least one like me, has many voices.  There’s the voice I write my blog in, which is pretty much the same as the way I speak.  Then there’s the voice I write my poetry in, which is totally different.  Now, I couldn’t pen a blog about this particular subject…but then I remembered some profound advice Mark gave me once: “Try it in a different voice.”

So below you will find a combination of my blog voice and poetry voice.  It was the only way I could get the experience out of me…and still, it lingers.



Hiya. I wrote something here, but then I deleted it because word is it’s pretty good, and everyone thinks I should get it published. So hopefully someday soon I can put a link here.


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