Gooey Brain and Puzzle Pieces

Today, my brain is a vat of goo.  For no particular reason than my body has recently been sapping all energy it creates in an effort to heal itself from whatever-the-crap happened to me last week.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this morning that I felt well…good, even…and could stomach some coffee.  Took me a little while to wake up and get going, but once I did, I was doing okay.  But my brain was a little foggy.  I messaged Sahar to check her progress.  Yesterday, she did the thing and moved her belongings from Kentucky to Cleveland, inching ever closer to me. 

She is very tired.  Her brain is a vat of goo, because she just loaded a house into a truck, drove six hours, and is now unloading a truck into a house.

Yet she is up and moving and unpacking a U-Haul somewhere and I am up and consuming coffee and typing furiously because Thursday is blog day.  In fact, I have a list of tasks to accomplish today and they all take brain power, but as I said before, my brain is a vat of goo.  Body in desperate need of repair, it has taken all of my energies and put them towards a singular goal, leaving very little for my brain to run on.

The end result is that I’m typing my blog with little idea what I’m even writing about.  It has been such a strange week for me, not just because of the illness.  I am heavily medicated when I am sick, so time kind of globs together into an intangible mess.  Afterwards, I feel like I have to put together the puzzle pieces.

Which brings me to something cool that happened while I was out. 

(Oh.  Yeah.  That’s what you were going to blog about, you goo-brained idiot.)

So, sometimes, Twitter brings me cool connects.  Most recently, I was introduced to one Jonathan Stringfellow, who hosts a poetry radio show called No Strangers Here at Colombia University in Georgia.  He contacted me about doing a review and analysis of my book on his show.  I was delighted, on a personal level.  See, my dad had a radio show back in college, and I always thought that would have been so cool to get involved in.  My small school that I was only at for a year didn’t have a station, so it was never an option for me, but now this guy wants to talk about me on his program?  How neat!

He read my collection and emailed me a few times to discuss which poems he would be sharing with his listeners.  One comment he made in his emails was how he felt that the poems were like puzzle pieces that fit together to make a larger picture.  I appreciated this viewpoint especially, as I do think of it as a narrative, and each poem reveals a slight bit more of the struggle that I faced.

Anyway, he recorded it mid-August, but it came out while I was in my hospital haze.  You can listen to it right here if you are so inclined.  I truly am thankful for his thoughts, and it is a lovely little program that I will continue to listen to even though I don’t go to Colombia University in Georgia. 

Now, I am off to do some writing work and some personal life work and then some relaxation so that my brain can gelatinize now that my body is feeling better.  This weekend brings with it kiddos and likely some fishing and the return of football and dinner with Sharon and Kevin-all things I am looking forward to.  All things I am hoping my body is on board with, too. My brain definitely hopes to be.


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