This week has mostly been a wash, as I have been ill.  My stomach decided that a global pandemic was a good time to send me to the hospital, and I spent the night there Monday only to be back in the ER Wednesday.  It was not good.  I was encountered again with doctors trying to find a fix for a condition that cannot be cured anywhere, let alone an emergency room.  I was in pain.  I was angry.

Fortunately, I awoke in my own bed this morning feeling fine and I am hoping that sticks for a bit.  The only drawback is my arms ache from the IV and shots, and this is making typing a little tricky.  Yet, here I sit trying to update my blog when really, there’s not a lot on my mind today.

One thing I do intend to accomplish today is an inquiry letter to a publisher who has had my manuscript for a few months, and said they would get back to me within weeks.  I’ve never written a letter like this, so it’s a new experience.  Typically, I would just wait-but I really like this publisher.  I feel enough time has passed that an inquiry is warranted.

There are errands that need to be run and a house that needs to be cleaned before the kiddos show up tomorrow, and I am not really in the mood for any of that, as I am still worn out.  But, I am so happy I awoke healthy today that I will do these things with a smile on my face, simply because I am able to do them. 

I really want to write more, but my arms are killing me.

I promise next week I’ll update something interesting.


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