From a hospital bed…

Ugh phone updates…
When I first got out of the car I was greeted with the tents. Big blue and white tents with benches in them, empty but waiting. A huge stop sign telling me not to go further, I walk past it anyway and into the emergency room. First, they take my temperature- I don’t have one, thank God, so they give me a mask and send me to the registration desk. The mask is itchy and fogs up my glasses.
They put me in a room and after a little while a doctor comes in that I have had before. In all honesty, he is not one of my favorites because he never handles the situation correctly. Example: the last time I was here the doc looked at me said “Ok, this is definitely the usual. I’m going to give you all the things I usually give you, let you rest a bit, and send you home.” I was home and feeling fine by noon. This guy seems to want to cure my gastroparesis somehow so he tries all sorts of things that I know aren’t going to work. First he gives me Benadryl-I’m allergic to Benadryl. My pain level is 8 and he gave me nothing for it. I sat in a room and vomited and cried for an hour and a half.
Finally, he sees that I am not get any better at all, and he decides that I will be kept overnight for observation. Meanwhile, if you just gave me drugs I usually get, I’d be home right now, yet here I sit at 6:55am in a hospital bed, bored and waiting to go home which probably won’t happen until at least noon.

I wish that ER doctors would stop trying to fix me. I wish that they would listen to me and not automatically assume I am some sort of junkie looking for meds because I need a painkiller due to a condition. I wish that when I said Benadryl makes me hallucinate people actually listened. I wish that when I said Reglan makes me throw up, that they listen to that, too. But no, they give me these things and then they wonder why I’m still sick.
Now, I put a lot of value in a doctor. I believe them to be some of the smartest creatures on the planet. But in my opinion an ER doctor is not a gastroenterologist and maybe, just maybe, I know a little bit more about my condition than they do.
Once I got to the room they gave me a slew of drugs that they should have in the first place and I passed out. I awoke at 5am, chipper and alert.
Anyway, obviously I could not blog yesterday because I was here in the hospital. I feel fine now, I am hungry, and I am waiting waiting waiting to go home. So this little health update is all I’ve got right now.
I just want to get out of here before I come in contact with anything really scary.
Nurse tells me she will call my doc to come see me.
Waiting, waiting, waiting.


One thought on “From a hospital bed…

  1. I had the same thing for my raynaud’s condition for a while. They just said I needed more vitamins over and over until I found a doctor who listened.

    I’ve noticed that when that stuff happens, you gotta find another doctor. Find one who listens to you.


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