Tales from a Sofa

Blog, my brain whispers.
Back off, my body demands.

I’m on my couch typing on my phone which I hate but right now the thought of jumping on the computer is unbearable. The idea of leaving my warm sherpa blanket and peanut butter banana smoothie is ridiculous. I would rather give my thumbs a workout on my phone than sit in a drafty room in a chair that smells vaguely like teenage boy.
I spent most of yesterday in the hospital again, lying on a couch in a waiting room and praying that the vomiting would just stop. I tend to sound something between ice in a blender and a velociraptor when I am ill, so that’s gotta be fun for anyone in earshot. The ER was very crowded, so I’m sure a lot of people hated me yesterday.
Today I am spent. M has a bug so he is here, but I refuse to be in the same room with him because if I catch it, that’s another trip to the ER. Mark took off to take care of us, which is much appreciated.
I didnt blog on Thursday and this here is hardly anything, but at least I got something out in my stupor. In 9 days I am having a procedure that will hopefully make things a lot better, and right now I’ve just got to hold on until then.
Naptime now, I think.


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