Monday, Monday

Today I type on my laptop because for some reason my internet is out on my regular computer, which means I will spend more time editing than actually writing.  I hate the keyboard on this thing, as it seems my fingers just miss the letters I’m aiming for.  Plus my lap is on fire already.  Long story short, I hate using my laptop.

I gave it to the kids to use a couple of years ago and I am sure it is full of viruses and bugs by now.  In fact, when I’m done with this I will likely run some programs to clean it up.  For now though, I must make do and try to peck out some content because you know, Monday.

Monday is my second least favorite day.  For many it’s number one with a bullet, but I have always had a personal loathing for Tuesdays.  At least Monday is the start of something, a time to renew your week and get things going, Tuesday is the real downfall, the day that has no hope for better things and is about as far from a weekend as you can get.  Tuesdays for me tend to be doctor’s appointments as well, which is never fun.  Tomorrow I have my therapist, who is nice enough but is also a brand spanking new college grad who I occasionally think of as a child. 

The time has switched, you see.  For such a long time I had counselors that were older than me, but now
I have grown and they have stayed the same age.  I have ten years on my past two counselors, and five on the one before that 

Sometimes it’s hard to look for wisdom in someone younger than you, especially when you have more years’ experience going to therapy than they have working in it.  Still, I look forward to tomorrow because I want to help my therapist learn as much as she wants to help me heal.  So, we work together, as a team.  She learns from me as much as I learn from her.

I’m not depressed today, but I am feeling pretty lazy.  It was a long weekend with the kids, filled with yard sales and splash pads and barbecues.  I just want to sit on the sofa and watch television and do nothing.  Even updating is a chore right now, but I push myself to do it because I know it’s good for my mental health. 

So here, I did it.  Now I’m gong to watch Daria on Hulu and try and relax for a bit before I clean up the wreckage that is my house after kid-weekend.  May your Monday be full of hope and your Tuesday not drag.  Toodeloo.


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