Tech NO logy

I just spent a week in and out of the hospital, which was terrible for my tummy but great for conceptualizing.  I started thinking about my novel, which takes place in a modern but timeless era.  Should I update it, make it more “now,” something the kids can relate to?  If I finish it, and I can’t market it, could I retool it in this way for YA? Would it be better off? What do I know about youth today?  Hell, what do I know about my peers today??

It seems everyone I know is able to roll with the techno tide, and I find myself stuck like my mother trying to program the VCR in 1990 (when she was the same age I am now.)  From this thought, an idea was born, and I began an experiment.

Now, I’m not going to post my piece here.  This is legit stuff that I hope to get published at some point.  I just want to document that this is how my thought process worked.  I have completed the first 24 hours of my experiment and now have pages of notes that I can’t wait to turn into something tangible.

So, I guess something good came from my broken old stomach, eh?


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