Sweater Weather

It’s October!

Of all the seasons, I am definitely in love with Autumn, and October is my favorite time of all.  As a kid I was totally into Halloween, planning my costumes months in advance and begging my father to take me to the Haunted Catacombs every single night until he finally relented.  On the actual day he would pipe scary music through the house and we would go trick or treating and hand out candy.  Then when I was thirteen my parents had the audacity to have a second child, and she was born smack dab in the middle of my holiday, which made me a tad resentful as a youngster.  Fortunately, I grew to enjoy my sister, so now the fact she was born on Halloween is just an added bonus.

I love pumpkin farms, and apple cider, and changing leaves.  I like boots and sweaters and not having to pull my hair up because I’m sweaty.  With the exception of the “pumpkin spice” craze, a flavor I could live without, I buy in to all things Fall the moment the first leaf hits the ground.

Summer is too hot.  That’s pretty much my main complaint.  Winter is too cold, and the sun is hardly ever out, which causes some seasonal depression to add to an already depressed mind, and Spring only lasts about a week around here, so Autumn is definitely number one in my book.  Right now, I am sitting at my desk with the door open, and nice breeze is coming through.  It smells like rain, because it has been pouring all day, with a sky that’s nearly white-the leaves of the trees make a sharp contrast.  It’s not cold, but it’s not really warm either, and I am comfortable in the new sweater I got yesterday.  It is lovely, and I am hoping for many more afternoons like this.

Of course, this is Buffalo and climate change is real so, who knows, it might snow next week.  Enjoy it while it lasts!