Give me back my words!

Tragedy has struck my computer.  Well, no, not really, a virus would be tragedy, or it falling off the desk somehow and smashing all over the ground.  So I’ll call this a hiccup, instead.  After many new computer changes over the years, I have somehow used my Microsoft Office product key about a thousand times, and no longer can.  My aunt was kind enough to give me another, but the program won’t accept it.  Because that’s how my luck rolls.

Ergo, everything I’m working on is stuck in my computer, and the only way to fulfill my daily writing quota is this blog.  Problem is, I haven’t really got anything to blog about at the moment.

So I will take this time to introduce myself.  Some of my readers know me personally, so this is old news to you, but for those who don’t, here is a snapshot of my life.

If I haven’t mentioned it, my name is Brigid.  I am 34 years old.  I am married to a great guy named Mark, and perhaps someday I’ll write a 35 paragraph summary of our love story, but not today.  He has four beautiful children, M, L, E, and K.  They live mostly with their mother, but visit us on weekend.  I am currently unemployed, though I typically make a living as a child care professional, be it babysitting, nannying, or assisting in day cares.  I’ve got a nice little apartment in south Buffalo, a neighborhood in Western New York that is predominantly of Irish heritage, as is my family.  I spent 15 years in Catholic school, which taught me many things, including the fact that Catholicism is not for me.  I hate tomatoes.  I love gardening.  I have diabetes and a bunch of what I like to call “initials,” like OCD and MDD.  I was eight years old when I penned my first tale, “Milly and Tilly: Twin Detectives,” and writing is the only thing that when I’m doing it, I really feel like myself.

So I promised myself that I would write daily.  I have been working on poems and short stories mostly, but now everything is trapped in a word program and stressing me out.  Even just trying to come up with something to write here is stressful, because frankly I have no blog topics on hand this week.  I’ll have to come up with something good though, if I can’t work on my projects.

So maybe that 35 paragraph love story will show up soon.


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