The last blog post I wrote before starting this new one was called Stand Up or Shut Up, a call to vote in the 2016 election.  I asked that no matter who you were or what you stood for, you should vote.  Even if you were pro-Trump, I urged you to vote.  I still stand by that.  I also stand by my 11th grade realization that the Electoral College is bullshit.  But I digress…

Since that day there have been many moments that have rattled my cage.  There have been many nights I wanted to take to my keyboard with rage and fury and pound out my opinions about the injustices that I have seen in the past year.  Alas, I have not, partly because I’m trying to control both my anxiety and high blood pressure, and partly because I am really sick of arguing with people about things I thought we all universally agreed on.  Like that people shouldn’t have to die from hunger or lack of healthcare. Or that there are different kinds of religions in the world with different (and sometimes similar) values.  Or that there are as many different colored good people as there are different colored assholes.  Or science, for chrissake.

It’s just too much, guys.  I mean, that’s the point…if we’re tired, if we’re worn down, we’re easier to control.  We’re easier to lie to.  One of the downsides of  being a bit of a politics and history nerd is that you can recognize when it repeats itself.

My soap box posts are typically my most passion fueled, but I had to take a long vacation from it.  The state of the world saddened me, as I’m sure it has saddened you, and that makes it all the more difficult to write about.  I applaud those writers that spend their days and nights following these stories.  The strength they must have to put themselves though that is remarkable to me.

I can’t say I’ll never get on my soap box, because that is unlikely.  I plan to write at least one blog post a week and I’m sure that in time I’ll meet something that gets my blood boiling.  I should say here and now that a blog is an opinion, specifically mine, so when I do get rolling, I don’t really expect any arguments in my comments.  That nonsense is for extended relatives on Facebook, not my blog.  Constructive discussion is always welcome, but flat out hatred will never be tolerated.  I mean…that’s something we all universally agree on, right?




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